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Re: Hatchling survival?

Bettyc wrote:
> > > We've argued about the fact that the higher numbers in
> > > each clutch give more of the fragile hatchlings a chance to survive to
> > > adulthood. >>
> >
> > I've thought about this and have asked a few paleontologist about that
> > very subject. What I've come to is this, the reason why there are large
> > egg clutchs isn't due to the fragility of the hatchlings, but is due to
> > how many are picked off by predators, and in a smaller part, due to the
> > the enviroment. If they weren't picked off by predators, they had a
> > much better chance of living.
> I actually meant that very thing but couldn't think of a word to
> describe the very-high-rate of infant mortality other than "fragile".
> Is there a better word for this?
> --
>            Betty Cunningham
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