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Re: Dromaeosaur "sickle" claws

Matthew Troutman wrote:
>  I have been carefully watching the arguments on the dromaeosaur "
> sickle" claws and these are my positions and evidence.
>  First of NO claw is specifically adapted to slice or sickle prey. Not
> even cat claws. Slicing prey without the aid of serrations on a slicing
> weapon is impossible. The claw just get " stuck" in the side of the
> animal it is holding onto. Dromaeosaur claws most closely resemble
> piercing claws like a woodpecker claw. So it is more likely that they
> were using their claws not for slicing but for grasping. It is highly
> unlikely that any animal is adapted to slash and slice prey with claws.
> If any of you have ever seen a cat kill something it does not slice it,
> it STABS it. The only things that are adapted for slicing are serrated,
> recurved teeth. NOT claws.
>  WMattTroutman
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