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Re: Dinosaur hallx(es)

Matthew Troutman wrote:
>  I completely agree that the dinosauria hallux could be reverted. But
> there are some pressing issues of the DEGREEof the reversion. Whenever I
> see a dinosaur skeletal illustration ( such as Ostrom's  Compsognathus)
> it always gets me that they say the toe and hallux are reversed but they
> don't illustrate it. All Theropdian halluxes so signs that they were
> capable of being reversed but when we see the Bavaria Compsognathus and
> look at it in detail it is clear it is not. Trackways show reversed toes
> and this is some of the best evidence for reversed toes. But when we go
> back to Compsognathus the toe is not reversed.
>  When looking at the evidence alot of it does not add up. Perhaps in
> some theropods (from Compsognathus down) the toe is like a hominids
> thumb. It is mobile backwards for holding onto things and mobile
> medially for times of running. Just my thoughts on the matter I could be
> wrong Icould be right.
>  WMattTroutman
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