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Re: Assorted subjects

Matthew Troutman wrote:
> >Matthew Troutman wrote, "They all have hollow bones and air-sacs like
> birds
> >so they were light like birds. This information is never given or
> really
> >considered in weight estimations."
> >
> >Wrong. Not all dinosaurs had hollow bones. Hadrosaur femurs are solid,
> when
> >preserved well. Triceratops bones were solid, as were Anklyosaurs. A
> light
> >Nodosaur would make the armor useless. A Tyrannosaurus rex could just
> flip
> >one over and have lunch.
> >
>  I completely agree. I was refering though to theropods which all have
> air-sacs and hollow bones. Ancestorally in theTheropoda all bones are
> hollow even the finger bones.
>  WMattTroutman
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