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New theory3

Please see the list "New theory2"
Continue for list :
2.The cause of change orbit of Earth may be was crash of the comet or
asteroid or Earth catched the Moon(if I say that the Moon crashed on the
Earth you'll have doubts).  
3. With whales ,other sea milk-eaters, can was gone to sea.
And some sea-dinos can stay live right up to now(may be one of them is
Nessi from Scotland lake Loh-Ness),because in water weight don't be feel.
4. Pterosaur was can to fly in little gravitation(are you doubt?May be
you tell me other possibilities to activ flying).
5.And other,and other,and other arguments that have my theory!(to be continued)
 It is not just a hypothesis , it is a theory, because this one has
 This theory has two basic items:
1."Theory of relative gravitational changes"(with calculations).
That theory say:"The gravitation is not an absolut value, it is a
relative value, relative of external gravitation.The Earth's gravitation
is relative of the Sun's gravitation, Sun's gravitation is relative of
the galaxy gravitation,etc.Nearer to Sun its gravitation is increase.And
Earth's gravitation (like) dissolve in the Sun's gravitation.So nearer
to Sun Earth's gravitation (relatively)decrease.But it is a realy
changes,and we can feel it.It is a new word (principle) in the physics
of gravitation.May get think about red(spectral) displacement.
2."Principle of the durables' correlation"(with calculations).
 This principle can demonstrate(by calculations) the impossibility of
the existence/live bigger/heavier than modern elephants anymals in the
modern gravitation of Earth.For easy example:
If brachiosaur and other dinos-giants(had weight about 50 tons) were
able to walk in "modern" gravitation, so a modern elephants must to have
ability to jump.You'll can calculate it.You don't know how do it?It is
easy.I know how calculate it.It is "know-how" of my theory.I'll glad to
show it later, because I don't know specific physical terminology in