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Re: Ameghiniana Round Up, Pt. II

At 10:19 AM 8/23/97 -0400, NP wrote:
>In a message dated 97-08-18 21:51:49 EDT, th81@umail.umd.edu (Thomas R.
>Holtz, Jr.) writes:
>[with reference to the new Salgado, Coria, and Calvo paper]
>> ----Diplodocidae (Diplodocoidea of most recent usage)
>Am I to take this to mean rebbachisaurs, dicraeosaurs, and true diplodocids?
> Also, where are the euhelopodids?  Are they included in Camarasauridae?

Yes, rebbachisaurs, dicraeosaurs, and true diplodocids are included in this

Salgado et al. do not address the position of the Euhelopodidae (pity), but
(in my opinion) Upchurch has very convincingly placed them outside
Neosauropoda (= camarasaurids, brachiosaurids, titanosaurids, and diplodocoids).

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