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Re: Late Jurassic Western North American Terrain?

At 03:55 PM 8/24/97 +0000, dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:
>Would someone please give me a precis of the terrain of the Late 
>Jurassic in Western North America as enjoyed by the likes of 
>Allosaurus f. and Stegosaurus s.? 

It was a semi-arid landscape crossed by a number of braided rivers, and
containing occasional seasonal and semi-permanent lakes. Woody vegetation
was largely restricted to the banks of the rivers (including islands).

The woody vegetation was mainly coniferous, with an understory of
bennitites and cycads.  The inter-riparian areas may have been covered with
ferns, but that is less certain.

Some areas to the southeast of the Park has extensive sand dunes.

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