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Barnum Brown names (was: Dromaeosaur "sickle" claws)

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<< Also I find it a little disturbing that no mention seems to
 be made anywhere of "Daptosaurus", found and named by Barnum Brown in 1931,
 not even as an acknowledgement that "Deinonychus" was already found,
 collected, studied, mounted for display, drawn up as a skeletal restoration
 etc. a  long time ago. >>

Brown had unpublished names for a number of dinosaurs:

_Peltosaurus_, which is preoccupied, for that AMNH skeleton with dermal armor
frequently seen in 1950s and 1960s dinosaur books by Colbert; now referred to


_Daptosaurus agilis_, for the dinosaur now called _Deinonychus antirrhopus_

_Tenantosaurus kaiseni_, later changed to _Eureodon kaiseni_ because someone
inadvertently used _Tenantosaurus kaiseni_ on a label for AMNH 3034 before
Brown had a chance to publish it (this specimen was labeled "camptosaurid"
for decades after); now known as _Tenontosaurus tilletti_, emended by me to
_Tenontosaurus tillettorum_ (Jack McIntosh told me of how he, as a youngster,
visited the AMNH and saw the label _Tenantosaurus_ on the specimen,
recognized it as a new name, and caused a stir by asking the staff about the
publication; this evidently got back to Brown, because the label was swiftly
replaced by the "camptosaurid" label)

_Megadontosaurus ferox_, based on _Deinonychus_ teeth plus the postcrania of
what is now called _Microvenator_ (making it seem as if the dinosaur had
oversized teeth; hence the name)

_Paraiguanodon incolapaludalis_, for the dinosaur now called _Bactrosaurus

_Styracosaurus borealis_, for the type specimen of _Styracosaurus parksi_

_Nectosaurus navajovius_, for _Kritosaurus navajovius_ (_Nectosaurus_ was
found to be preoccupied, but it nevertheless leaked out into the literature
in a paper by Versluys in 1910)

_Ankylosaurus acinacodens_, for a specimen presently referred to
_Euoplocephalus tutus_

These are all that come to mind off the top of my head (so to speak); I'd be
interested in hearing about others.