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Re: Layperson

In a message dated 97-08-25 09:03:10 EDT, jwoolf@erinet.com (Jonathon Woolf)

<< Little chance of this, I think -- according to the references I have,
 the type specimen of _T. rex_ and the specimen originally named
 "Dynamosaurus" were discovered the same year, 1902, and the rex specimen
 was described first.  That makes _Tyrannosaurus_ the legal and correct
 name under the rules of nomenclature. >>

_Dynamosaurus_ was found by Brown in 1900 in Wyoming, the first decent
skeleton of a _Tyrannosaurus rex_ ever discovered. It lay around the AMNH
with nobody working on it until someone realized it was comparable to the
better skeleton that Brown discovered in 1902 in Montana (the type skeleton
of _Tyrannosaurus rex_). Then Osborn described them both simultaneously,
along with _Albertosaurus_, in a paper in 1905. In 1906, Osborn sank
_Dynamosaurus_ as a synonym of _Tyrannosaurus_.