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Oregon Dinos

NJPharris@aol.com wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I just got back from the Giants of the Gobi exhibit at the Oregon Museum
of Science and Industry (OMSI), which featured an 85-foot _Nurosaurus
qaganensis_.  It looked rather like pics I've seen of _Shunosaurus_.  My
most recent sources (which are several years old) indicate this animal is
not yet described.  I was just curious as to how much of this skeleton is
actually known, and how much is guesswork.  If anyone has this info
(George?) I would be much obliged.
I've forwarded your message to a Botanist at OMSI who will forward it
to...(Stay tuned)

Anyone in Oregon (or passing through) might take a stop by the Oregon Coast
Aquarium in Newport Bay.  They have a special exhibit on Fossils, Fangs,
and Fins (or something like that).  Not worth a special trip, but a neat
artistic display of info about water dwelling ancients.  This is popular
art working with paleontologists (or so the sign says) to display real
info.  Lots of flying trilobite images, and puns.  I don't know if the
general public 'got' the jokes, but we had some chuckles.
        In Peace - SarahAnne