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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #77

Every so often this happens. SIGH.

The following reference:

Chen P.-J., 1996. "Nonmarine Jurassic strata of China," in Morales, 1996,
ed.: 395-412.

Morales, M., ed., 1996. The Continental Jurassic, Transactions of the
Continental Jurassic Symposium, October 2123, 1996, Museum of Northern
Arizona, Flagstaff, Arizona, Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin #60: [x] +
xvi + 588 pp.

contains a faunal list (p. 408) with the following species:

Luanpingosaurus jingshanensis Cheng (Wang, 1986)

This species is labeled as dinosaurian without further classification, so one
cannot tell whether it is sauropodomorph, theropod, or ornithischian. Nor, of
course, what the material might be.

The listed fauna is from the Huajiying Formation of northern Hebei, China,
dated Upper Jurassic. I've no other references to this species, and the genus
was not previously in the Dinosaur Genera List. Since it is a published name
in a scientific paper, I have to include the genus in the List. So here is
name #810:

Luanpingosaurus Cheng vide Chen, 1996 [nomen nudum]

It will remain a nomen nudum until I see or hear about a published
description. I do not understand the significance of the reference to Wang,
1986, but since my library is still back in Buffalo I cannot check that paper
or whether I even have a copy. Tracy Ford is checking his library as well.
The bibliographic reference is

Wang S. A., 1986. "The study of late Mesozoic in northern Hebei,"
Professional Papers of Stratigraphy and Palaeontology 15: 161-180 (in Chinese
with English abstract).

If anybody can shed some more light on this bit of obscuria, I'd love to hear
from you. Thanks to Ralph Molnar for drawing my attention to this taxon,
which has been sitting unnoticed under my nose for nearly a year.