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Re: Theropod eating and attacking

jamolnar@juno.com wrote:
> On Sun, 24 Aug 1997 08:15:14 -0700 Jonathon Woolf <jwoolf@erinet.com>
> writes:
> >I have a vague impression from somewhere that fossilized owl pellets
> >have been found.  I've never heard of "dinosaur pellets," though.
> >Coprolites, yes, but not pellets.
> Owl pellets fossilize? Really? Cool!  If so, that's a good point.  But
> maybe dino pellets were not recognized as pellets and mistaken for
> coprolites?  Or perhaps there is a preservational bias against dinosaur
> pellets?

I don't _know_ that they do, but I don't see why they couldn't.  If
coprolites can fossilize, why not owl pellets?  

-- JSW