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Mungo Park Dinosaur Site

MSNís Mungo Park web magazine is featuring Dinosaur Fossil Hunt, with Jack
Horner and Phil Currie.  They are doing a Live Expedition currently (dispatch
#4) from Red Deer River and the Badlands of Alberta.  Dr. Horner will take
over later with episodes from Egg Mountain.  The dispatches are written by
Steve Chapple, and on the tour is Nathan Myhrvold, of our dino list.  There
are great pictures, plus you can listen to commentary if you have Real Audio.

Another interesting point and click on the site is the Dinosaur Quiz by Don
Lessem.  If you cannot get all of the answers right, and you have been
reading this list faithfully, please unsubscribe immediately (please know

The site is at: http://mungopark.msn.com/contents.asp