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Re: Problems with Paleontological Portrayal

        Marty Martin wrote about difficulty with jargon in scientific circles 
and that all scientists should strive to make their explanations understandable 
to all.
        I absolutely disagree. Jargon is necessary for clear, concise 
communication in a field. What would these posts look like if everyone had to 
explain what "postcranial" or "hallux" meant every time they used it? I 
struggled with the terminology when I first read this list but I educated 
so I can follow the discussions which are far and above the level of popular 
science. If you can understand, you feel"in the circle", if you don't, you 
either learn what you lack or you complain about how scientists are just 
"showing off". We had this discussion in the recent past, here.
        Scientists are specialized and professionals. Some are very talented in 
conveying an idea so ALL can comprehend. But, the idea that you can convey all 
these complicated ideas in words that everybody understands is unattainable. 
Meaning and substance will be lost. It would be nice if the populus would value 
a good basic, well-rounded education and then build on it.