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Re: Velociraptor Footprints( Arundel contemporary)

> << We can imagine out 'raptors dropping off occasionally for a spot of
>  >unsuspecting lunch - perhaps protoceratops.  This behaviour is not
>  >entirely without analogs.  Egrets, secretary birds and many other
>  >species ride large herbivore "platforms" in a similar way, using them 
>  >to
>  >spot and flush out prey.  

     Getting down off the back of a large animal is a little safer if you
have wings.  Most dromeosaurs were larger then the aforementioned birds,
so jumping to the ground, especially without a braking mechanism, might be
a little hazardous.  Also, I assume that these birds FLY up onto the backs
of thier platforms, although I suppose the dromeosaurs could claw thier
way up armoured backs if the herbivore felt inclined to let them.
LN Jeff