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Brian Franczak wants to know," what gives?"The Maurice Wilson Apatosaurus
painting is missing from his copy of _The Wonderful World of Prehistoric
Animals_by William Elgin Swinton. I believe his problem is that he has the
smaller, redesigned second edition published in Yugoslavia about 1969-68. The
first edition is much larger with lavish color illustrations and was printed
in England in 1961.
Bill Ashworth of _Paper Dinosaurs_ fame has just purchased the same edition
as Brian did. He had pretty much the same reaction. I'm sorry and I hope you
can find the first edition sometime.
As long as I mentioned _Paper Dinosaurs_...If you haven't seen it be sure to
check it out.You can find the website as a link at
http://www.dinosociety.org.An excellent little book version of the project is
available for about $12. It's not about oragami!
Dan Varner