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Re: Theropod eating and attacking

>I don't know about this. Do modern reptiles hork up parts of their prey?
>Taking a cue from crocs and snakes, I'd say no. Ditto for the carnivorous
>lizards. I think that if the bone material was small enough to be gulped down
>with the rt of the meal, then it was digested as is done in modern reptiles.
>This would imply powerfull digestive juices and could provide more clues to
>their internal anatomy. besides, indigestible or porrly digestible things
>like fur (only small rodents)  and feathers (few birds) were not as prevalent
>as they are in today's biota. Feeding on one'e fellow reptiles wouldseem to
>be the rule here. And even reptiles need calcium!

>Thomas R. Lipka

How about insects?  Surely there were as many insectivorous reptiles then
as now.  Do any reptiles ralph up the chitinous exteriors of their insect


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