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Re: Problems with paleontological portrayal

Marty Martin <dolfins@richmond.infi.net> wrote:

>What difference does it make to the world if only a few can understand
>it? Scientists from all fields, not just paleontology, fly off the
>handle as soon as someone not from their field mis-interprets or
>incorrectly portrays their beloved work. I don't think this is the fault
>of the layperson as much as it is of those responsible for doing the

I agree with everything you said. At its worst, a great deal of the
"scientific" criticisms towards Hollywood and laypersons come across as
egos that take any opportunity to condescend whether the information is
relevant or not. At its best the criticisms are genuine attempts to expose
the public to the truth. We see both situations with regards to Jurassic
Park and The Lost World. The most effective science educators are those who
are able to communicate their ideas clearly and simply without trying to
glorify themselves in the process.

Thanks for adding your 2 cents, Mr Martin.