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Re: Theropod eating and attacking

In a message dated 97-08-27 03:16:44 EDT, you write:

> How about insects?  Surely there were as many insectivorous reptiles then
>  as now.  Do any reptiles ralph up the chitinous exteriors of their insect
>  prey?

Most likely there were strict insectivores as well as omnivores. I can's say
for sure by my _guess_ would be that yes, they could digest the chitinous
exoskeletons of insects. If my memory serves me ( jokes and comments here)
 chitin is only a couple of C-H or hydroxyl links different than cellulose
 thus making it a bit more 'flexible" and _edible_ than cellulose! I'll check
my refs...


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies