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And on the other side of Eurasia (was Re: New Dinosaur TV Series...)

At 08:59 PM 8/27/97 +0000, Larry wrote:
>For what it's worth, here's something I picked up on the internet:
>"BBC viewers in England (and, eventually, PBS viewers in America) can
>look forward to a new six-part documentary about dinosaurs."

Incidentally, they have some REALLY good people on staff for this one,
including someone in the production staff who was trained as a
paleontologist!  It should be a very, very nice series when it comes out.

And, much sooner, off the eastern edge of Eurasia...

Dinosaur fans who can get the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) should check
out this Sunday's (August 31) episode of "Kamigami no Itazura" (hope I got
that right...).  It features a story on the new Japanese tyrannosaurid
premaxillary tooth, and includes interviews with Drs. Currie, Kirkland,
Manabe, me (in a T-shirt! and no vest!?!), and others (maybe Ken Carpenter?
not certain...).

I want to know what voice actor gets to dub my dialog.  If I had a choice,
it would be the guy who does Reinhardt von Lohengramm, but it will probably
sound more like the guy who does Ataru Moroboshi... (gratuitous anime

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