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Article on velocirapter-like bird fossil

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>Subject:      Article on velocirapter-like bird fossil
>The latest issue of SCIENCE NEWS (Vol. 152, August 23, 1997) has an
>article on the relationship of bird and dinosaur fossils.  They quote
>one person, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill ornithologist Alan
>Feduccia, who says "The dinosaurian origin of birds is, in my opinion, a
>delusional fantasy" and others who link the two types of critters very
>closely, pointing to new fossils from Patagonia, Madagascar and China.
>        The Madagascan bird is very similar to a velocirapter, complete
>with sickle-shaped claw much larger than the other claws.
>        Science News on the web: http://www.sciencenews.org.
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