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Fossil Prep Equipment

We would like to announce that Global Expos, (the largest online
offering of tools and Equipment related to the Earth Sciences) has now
added a complete line of Power Tools to its inventory.  We are also
adding Pneumatic Tools and Safety Equipment to our inventory of Fossil
Prep Supplies.  These items are available through our online catalog
located at:  http://www.global-expos.com/Tools.html

We accept Visa, Master card, Company and Personal Checks.  We also
accept Purchase Orders from Museums and Educational Institutions.  We
ship world-wide by UPS and U.S. Mail.

New materials will be added in the near future including Custom Cases,
Preservatives, Casting Equipment, Air Abrasive Supplies and Special
Camping Equipment.  Please complete an application to be on our e-mail
mailing list for announcements of new inventory.

George Winters
Global Expos
P.O. Box 305, 174 Broad St.
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Phone (518) 745-4139
Fax (518) 793-4467
e-mail george@global-expos.com
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