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 I have just been informed by middle and upper management at the Royal
Tyrrell Museum to immediately stop issuing my bimonthly and monthly lab and
field updates of dinosaur research programme activities of Royal Tyrrell
Museum staff. Why? Because I have just found out something I wrote
previously on this list has been seriously misquoted/paraphrased and this
statement was then reissued with my name attached as author. As a result,
this has caused a very serious and embarassing situation for me at the
museum with other staff.

 On April 1st, 1997 on this list, I mentioned in my update that technician
Clive Coy was leaving our museum. I said, quote: "Of the original small core
of people that eventually became the Tyrrell Museum when I joined (1980) the
paleontology department at the Provincial Museum in Edmonton, Alberta, now
only 2 remain: Phil Currie and I."

 Now I see on page 16 of Issue 5 of the publication Dinosaur Discoveries the
following erroneous modified interpretation:

 "The departure of Clive Coy to take a job in Japan has left only two
scientists (Phil Currie and Darren Tanke) from the original team that
founded the museum in 1980."

 Not only has what I said been completely twisted around and untrue, my name
has been signed as author under this. I want you to know I was not show this
erroneous statement prior to publication. These untruths have caused much
friction between me and some senior staff, resulting in my being barred
writing any more updates until further notice.

 For the record: 

 1. I am NOT a scientist, I am a technician in the dinosaur research
programme. I have no formal degrees. I have NEVER promoted myself as being a
full-fledged scientist.

 2. While I can take some credit for helping collect and build some of the
exhibits now in the Royal Tyrrell Museum, I state here that I was never part
of any "original team that founded the museum in 1980". I had no say in any
aspect of design, location decisions, planning, etc., etc., etc. I had
nothing to do with the early planning stages of the museum whatsoever.

 Darren Tanke
Darren Tanke, Technician I, Dinosaur Research Program. Royal Tyrrell Museum
of Palaeontology, Box 7500, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. T0J 0Y0
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