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Re: Theropod eating and attacking

On Aug 29,  9:09am, Dann Pigdon wrote:
> Subject: Re: Theropod eating and attacking
> NJPharris@aol.com wrote:

> > Egg-eating snakes do, in fact, hork up (getting kinda technical, aren't
> > crushed eggshells.
> This seems kind of strange, since egg shell must be more digestible
> than thicker bones or hair. How many of us did that experiment as
> kids, of leaving an egg in vinegar over night to produce a rubbery
> egg? I would assume that egg shell would also be an excellant
> source of calcium.

Egg-eating snakes (sensu Dasypeltis etc) have specialised to the extent
that they get all sufficient nutrients from the egg contents - you can
have too much calcium in your diet.. Other less specialised snakes that
also eat eggs (eg Boiga spp) swallow the egg whole and digest the lot.


Tony Canning