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Dinosaur Discoveries/Darren Tannke

Attention Stephen Cole, It is your responsibility as editor of this
magazine(to which I have just subscribed), to make SURE that the data
you present is as accurate as possible, and not to misquote or twist
words in order to just push out a product. You have probably done
irrepairable harm to Darren and his future at the Tyrell Museum. It is
in the nature of management to NEVER forget incidences like this and to
find a way to eliminate people from there employ, and have futures of
young upcoming people destroyed over occurences such as this. I am just
a lay person who has interest in the field, and have thourghly enjoyed
Darrens reports. So Stephen -What do you do, from here?-How about a few
phone calls to all of the peoples lives you have so negativley affected.
And lets try to report more accurately. Stephen-after a while people
will stop giving you imformation if this continues. Darren, I am just a
registered nurse who has been up in your area and thourghly enjoyed your
reports about an interest that I can not be completely involved
in-Thankyou very much for your very exciting past reports, and dont give
up. STEPHEN COLE-Lets try to mend this up a little. Ron(:)