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To my old friend Darren and everyone on the list.
My profound apologies for my misunderstanding of Darren's original post and
any confusion, inconvenience, and hardship it has caused him and everyone
else. I will miss his updates more than anyone and hope the museum will
reconsider its actions regarding this situation.
Space in Dinosaur Discoveries is very limited, and everything has to be
boiled down to its briefest and most succinct form. In this case, the
shorter form of a longer statement has been garbled. No twisting,
misquoting, or untruth was intended or deliberate; it was simply a
misunderstanding. The use of the term "scientist" was the generic form
including everything from PhDs down through grad students to technicians.
Being an engineer, I tend to regard the term in that broader sense.
As is our standard policy when quoting and editing material from Dinosaur
Digest, Darren was sent a copy of the article prior to publication (as he
has been with previous such reports that were edited down to 1/4 of their
size and published in DD). However, it appears that due to some electronic
error beyond our control (and of which we were unaware until after the
issue was released), several items used in DD5 which were sent to the
original authors never arrived in their mailboxes. This is one of the
wonders of internet. Sheer dumb bad luck that the first time  I misquoted
Darren was the first time the mail got lost.
Again, my apologies to everyone, and I hope the RTM will reconsider their
actions.--Steve Cole, Editor of Dinosaur Discoveries