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Re: tyrannosaurus

Dinogeorge wrote...
> I prefer _Jenghizkhan bataar_; others still have their doubts. To me there's
> a medium-size Mongolian tyrannosaurid (_Tarbosaurus efremovi_), a smallish
> Mongolian tyrannosaurid (_Maleevosaurus novojilovi_), and a giant Mongolian
> tyrannosaurid (_Jenghizkhan bataar_). All three seem to me to be more closely
> related to one another than any is to the North American forms (e.g.,
> _Albertosaurus_, _Gorgosaurus_, or _Tyrannosaurus_), and they constitute a
> distinct tribe (Tarbosaurini). One could put them all in the same genus
> (_Tarbosaurus_ woud have priority) as three distinct species, but it's
> nomenclaturally more convenient to keep them generically separate.

     Which of these had the holotype stolen?

LN Jeff