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Re: The Biggest Dinosaurs (slightly off topic)

In a message dated 97-08-29 03:12:26 EDT, you write:

> On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, Dann Pigdon wrote:
>  > [...]
>  > "Pygmy" mammoths are known from islands off northern Europe, and
>  > have been dated to around 4,000 years ago or there abouts. They
>  > assumedly evolved from much larger ancestors. Not only did they adapt
>  > to island living, but also mamaged to outlast their larger cousins.
>  > I beleive from memory that they were never very numerous, and that
>  > all sorts of diseases are evident in the most recent remains.
>  I thought that pygmy mammoth site was off Alaska or thereabouts. Is
>  this another instance?
Well sort of. These were the pygmy mammoths of Catalina island and other
parts of the Channrel islands. There was also a relict pygmy mammoth (or
mastadon?)  on Wrangel Island in the Arctic regions of Siberia both of which
persisted until about 4Ka. 

Someone recently furnished me with the ref for this but I don't have it
handy. If interested, I'll go  fetch it.


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies