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Re: Eggs and skill differentials

On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, Jeffrey Martz wrote:

> Conspicous and mediocrely defended nests and
> offspring that suffer massive mortality is a successful and enduring
> reproductive strategy.  

But only, as you have noted, in crocs.  But there is another variable for
crocs: home field advantage.  They are sovereign in the swamps--I
should say the water's edge.  But they are also restricted to these
environments.  And I believe they didn't usded to be!  And I suggest that
you really should ask the nest predators of these nests if the nests are
"mediocrely defended."

> If enough
> offspring survived to support the next generation, it makes NO DIFFERENCE
> how many DIDN'T survive.

But non-avian dinosaurs did not survive.