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Various important subjects

 OK to start off lets go to the subject of pellets. Owl pellets are 
common in the fossil record from the time period of which they live. I 
remember reading from a Feduccia book or something that owl pellets are 
very very common in fossil strata. Pellets are distinct from coprolites 
in that they are hollow, contain ALOT of rodent bones, and are generally 
small. There is little evidence of theropods taking BIG chunks of bones 
away from prey, it is just not smart( they will lose all their teeth.) 
And hawks do not regurgitate pellets that is a BIG myth. You see owls 
generally either swallow prey whole or just eat big chunks of the 
animal. Hawks do the opposite entirely.
 Slashing dromaeosaurs: 
 OK my original point was no animals use their claws for slashing in the 
razor blade slashing sense. Yes tips do slash but I think it would be 
unlikely that dromaeosaurs went through that much trouble with their pes 
to just to extend the tip to slash. The rest of the calw was not 
designed to slash since it lacks the extreme lateral compressin and 
shapness of a razor blade. 
 Dinosaur weights: 
 I still hold my position that dinosaur weights are overestimated. I 
would like to see more evidence tyo the contary.

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