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Re: layperson

I believe we need scientific names to keep everything straight and
scientific, but most people don't run around calling everything by it's
scientific name.  That is what common names are for.  So the layperson
doesn't have to try to pronounce some of the unpronounceable names.


In a message dated 97-08-28 03:13:57 EDT, you write:

 > I side with the bearded one on this... scrap Apatosaurus and go with
 >  Brontosaurus. I believe common usage should overide debatable taxonomy
 >  in most cases.
 Oh, no!
 Most young dinosaur enthusiasts of my generation have grown up reading books
 that scream "it's _Apatosaurus_, not _Brontosaurus_"!  I can only imagine
 confusion that this would sow.
 Also, the taxonomy is not all that debatable.  I've never heard of serious
 opposition to the synonymy of _Apatosaurus_ and _Brontosaurus_.
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