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>At 04:36 PM 28/08/97 -0600, you wrote:
>> I have just been informed by middle and upper management at the Royal
>>Tyrrell Museum to immediately stop issuing my bimonthly and monthly lab and
>>field updates of dinosaur research programme activities of Royal Tyrrell
>>Museum staff. Why? Because I have just found out something I wrote
>>previously on this list has been seriously misquoted/paraphrased and this
>>statement was then reissued with my name attached as author. As a result,
>>this has caused a very serious and embarassing situation for me at the
>>museum with other staff.
>I think that this is an outrage!  I think that the information that Mr.
>Tanke gave us was interesting, useful, exciting, and insightful.

Never better said. Darren Tanke updates were a real source of information
and some of the few that I always keep stored.

Let's show some solidarity here.

Luis Rey

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