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I have been on this list for nearly a year now, although this is the fist 
time I have ever posted anything.  I have worked with Darren Tanke 
through the RTMP Field Experience Program--and can honestly say that his 
mentioning his Tyrrell updates in the summer of 1996 was one of the main 
reasons for my joining this list in the first place.  Since signing on, I 
have eagerly anticipated the news from RTMP each month, even going so far 
as having a friend print and mail them (yes, the postal system) to me 
while I was without email access this summer.  Only a few days ago  I 
recommended them to a fellow Field Experience veteran who contacted me 
wanting to know how the field season in DPP had faired after she had 
left.  She later responded that Darren's updates had been EXACTLY what 
she had been looking for and hoping to find....

Darren, you know most of this already.  But I felt it was time to finally 
show my "face" on this list, and add my "voice" to the "voices" of those 
who have already expressed such disappointment at the loss of this 
outstanding resource which you have faithfully and generously provided 
for all of us....

Allison R. Tumarkin
Dept. of Geology
University of Pennsylvania