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The action on the part of the Royal Tyrrell managment is extremely

Not ony was Mr. Tanke's "update" highly informative and enjoyable, it
presented the ongoing work of the Museum in an extraordinarily favorable
light that led all of our publications to give both space and support to
the various activities of the Royal Tyrrell.

Without his continuing newsletter, however,  the ongoing work of the
Museum will vanish back into some dusty netherworld since -- other than
Mr. Tanke's notices -- we receive virtually no other information about
the "good work" of that organization.

Surely, a reputable organization and the reputable individuals that run
it can survive a momentary distortion of a minor fact that was caused
through no fault of Mr. Tanke. Even the most well-intentioned journalist
can inadvertantly change a "fact" without meaning to, and (though I
can't speak for them) I'm sure,  given the opportunity, that the
offending publication would be more than happy to correct any

Clearly this is a case of throwing the baby out with the wash water, and
I hope someone has the good sense to retrieve the baby.

There is no sense in having a minor misfortune compounded by a greater

Perhaps Mr. Tanke can supply us all with a name or names and address to
write in order to correct this unfortunate occurrence.

Edward Summer
The Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette
The Dinosaur Intergalactic Gazette
The Dinosaur Times

Darren Tanke wrote:

>  I have just been informed by middle and upper management at the Royal
> Tyrrell Museum to immediately stop issuing my bimonthly and monthly
> lab and
> field updates of dinosaur research programme activities of Royal
> Tyrrell
> Museum staff.


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