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A personal thankyou


 I wish to thank you all for the outpouring of support regarding my recent
difficulties regarding the updates I do for this list. I have been quite
depressed about the whole matter. Now I must ask you all to PLEASE DON'T
send any emails, faxes, letters, phone calls to people at the Royal Tyrrell
Museum regarding this matter. Efforts are being made now to correct this
unfortunate situation/misunderstanding. Any negative comments directed to
the museum at this time will only further corrode and aggravate an already
delicate situation. As I leave for Utah in a few days and then attend SVP, I
will not know how this situation has resolved itself until mid-October at
the earliest. Hopefully once this most unfortunate misunderstanding is
resolved, I can once again post updates.

 I am also concerned about people directing their anger to Mr. Cole of
Dinosaur Discoveries magazine on this forum. This list is after all the
"dinosaur mailing list", setup to discuss dinosaurs, not fling mud at one
another. In all fairness, Mr. Cole has accepted responsibility, made a
posting to this effect on this list and has/is honestly trying to resolve my
current problem. I realize some people on this list are mad (me too), but
their comments (if they feel they are really necessary) should be directed
to him offline, not here, please. Let us all learn from this unfortunate
experience and go on.  

 I look forward to meeting some of you at SVP '97!


 Darren Tanke

Darren Tanke, Technician I, Dinosaur Research Program. Royal Tyrrell Museum
of Palaeontology, Box 7500, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. T0J 0Y0
Senior editor of the ongoing:
Annotated Bibliography of Paleopathology, Dento-Osteopathy and Related Topics.
11,635 citations as of July 27, 1997.
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