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>Hi Steve;  hopefully you are going to/already have sent an explanation to
>Darren's boss?  Regards,  Jane D.  sub to DD

Of course I will. I'm waiting for him to clear the wording.

I've certainly admitted fault here, although the whole problem
wouldn't have happened without that Email getting lost.

For others to have said we were lazy is of course incorrect.
We did exactly the right and necessary thing. Of the 7 or 8
emails we sent out, we got answers to 4, so I can't really
tell if the other emails (including Darren's) never arrived
or were overlooked on arrival. Certainly there isn't much else
we could have done. If everyone who sent an Email and didn't
get an answer sent another one just to see, the whole internet
would be bogged down with unnecessary duplications.

I really don't know why Darren's boss didn't just call me, but
that doesn't matter. --Steve