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Darren Tanke wrote:
>  I have just been informed by middle and upper management at the Royal
> Tyrrell Museum to immediately stop issuing my bimonthly and monthly lab and
> field updates of dinosaur research programme activities of Royal Tyrrell
> Museum staff.
>  Darren Tanke

This is a most disturbing turn for this news group.

Like all news groups the value of this group is solely based on the
postings.  Limit the posting and you limit the value of the group.
Think about the value of this group if a half-dozen more folks
stop posting.

What if this concept were spread accross other intellectual areas.
Would we have such things as news papers or radio/television news
shows.  There are informative sources besides Nature, Science, etc.

It is a problem that free and open exchanges between humans leads
to some level of misunderstandings - that's life.  It means we all
need to use our own ability to evaluate everything we experience.

Loss of a single informative poster is a loss for us all.

Pj Enright
Uncensored Physicist