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Re: Various important subjects

Matthew Troutman wrote:
> <snip>
>   Yes tips do slash but I think it would be
> unlikely that dromaeosaurs went through that much trouble with their pes
> to just to extend the tip to slash. The rest of the calw was not
> designed to slash since it lacks the extreme lateral compressin and
> shapness of a razor blade.

I'm looking at a cast of a Deinonychus claw right now, and compared
to the general shape of theropod claws from the manus it is quite
distinctly thin and blade-like. I doubt it bore a razor edge, but
I can see it being forced in between the ribs and creating havock
with the internal organs. It seems to form a more open curve that
the tighter curve of a grasping claw. So if its main purpose wasn't
grasping, what else would it have done but slash? Unless it was purely
there for attracting females (ie. the biggest claw gets the girl), in 
which case we are all off the mark.

        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia