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Monolophosaurus, Xuanhanosaurus, & Cryolophosaurus

I don't want anybody to get the wrong impression from the title. There 
is no assumption made about any closer relationship between these three 
dinosaurs not already assumed (by someone else).

Anyway, my question: exactly what are the morphological characters of 
*Xuanhanosaurus'* arms? I mean this from seeing one picture of 
*Monolophosaurus* and his long arms, longer in proportion than 
*Allosaurus'*, with the humerus about 25% longer than the ulna. 
*Afrovenator* seems to have the same condition in the arms, and I was 
wondering if perhaps the ambiguous *Xuanhanosaurus* might also follow 
the trend.

Secondly, does anyone know the morphology of *Cryolophosaurus'* skeletal 
specimens? If I remember the report correctly, there were three. I have 
the skull, but the rest is supposedly about half-complete, right?

Any help would be thankfully appreciated,


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