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New Refs #2

OK here are a couple more refs that just came in.

First is a popular-esque book on dinos. It's old and dated but it's the first
time I've seen it. It's in German, of course. Always nice to see something
with a local concentration. I picked up a nice Dinosaurios Ibericos type of
publication this summer in Madrid. I'll try and dig it up and report on it. It
was a 1997 entry.

Probst, Ernst & Raymund Windolf. 1993. Dinosaurier in Deutschland. C.
Bertelsmann, Munchen. ISBN 3-570-02314-1. Amazon doesn't have it
and I don't, as yet, know the price.

and now one on mosasaurs

Bardet, Nathalie; Vincent Barbin, Michel Laurain & Marie-Christine Janin.
1997. Premiere decouverte du mosasaure Prognathodon giganteus
(Squamata) dans le Campanien (Cretace Superieur) de Champagne,
France. Revue Paleobiologie, Geneve 16(1):225-230.

our page 230 was blank and should have the refs, oh well. First ref to
the taxon outside the uppermost Cretaceous of Belgium (Maas.).
Scrappy material but interesting.

and in the same journal 16(1):231-258 (1997)

Galton, Peter M. 1997. Cranial anatomy of the basal hypsilophodont
dinosaur Thescelosaurus neglectus Gilmore (Ornithischia: Ornithopoda)
from the Upper Cretaceous of North America. 

Peter describes T.n. as the only valid taxon and goes into real heavy
anatomical detail on various elements that perhaps even GO may be
satiated (maybe not). A mus for those interested in the ornithopod line.

And, perhaps, the most interesting of the group (although Thesc. is cool
also) is Ken Carpenter's publication of his Gojirasaurus quayi:

Carpenter, Ken. 1997. A giant coelophysoid (Ceratosauria) theropod
from the Upper Triassic of New Mexico, USA. N. Jb. Geol. Palaont. Abh.,

Big one for a Triassic form (mid Norian). 5.5 m in Ken's estimation. Lo as
it walked through the valley of death it, Gojirasaurus feared no evil ...
With a nice review of Triassic theropods. Not lots of material but a start.

That's it for now. I'll send some art comments after I finish my work

Ralph Chapman