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Re: Monolophosaurus, Xuanhanosaurus, & Cryolophosaurus

At 12:34 AM 12/1/97 PST, Jaemei wrote:

>Anyway, my question: exactly what are the morphological characters of 
>*Xuanhanosaurus'* arms? I mean this from seeing one picture of 
>*Monolophosaurus* and his long arms, longer in proportion than 
>*Allosaurus'*, with the humerus about 25% longer than the ulna. 

As is generally the case, beware when seeing life restorations, mounts, or
similar type of reconstructions.  The arms of Monolophosaurus are not known,
so we can't say for certain what they are like.

>*Afrovenator* seems to have the same condition in the arms,

While the humerus and the distal end of the radius & ulna are known in
Afrovenator, we don't know what the proximal section is like.

>and I was 
>wondering if perhaps the ambiguous *Xuanhanosaurus* might also follow 
>the trend.

In Xuanhanosaurus, the humerus is slightly larger than the ulna, and 1.3
times as large as the radius.

It may be that Monolophosaurus and Xuanhanosaurus ARE closely related, as
there is very little overlap.  Vertebrae are known for both, so they could
help settle things.
>Secondly, does anyone know the morphology of *Cryolophosaurus'* skeletal 
>specimens? If I remember the report correctly, there were three. I have 
>the skull, but the rest is supposedly about half-complete, right?

To my knowledge, any additional specimens have yet to be described.

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