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full text of "origin of feathers" section

I have had about three off-list inquiries now about the Kent & Miller
source I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  I'll list the whole thing now.  
It is a textbook:

Kent, G.C., and Miller, L.  (1997).  _Comparative Anatomy: of the
vertebrates_.  Wm. C. Brown Publishers, Dubuque.  
ISBN 0-697-24378-8

There is a section in the book which reads:

        "One hypothesis about how feathers originated is that they arose
from reptilian scales, because early developmental stages are similar.
Development of both is initiated by formation of a vascularized dermal
papilla, after which the overlying epidermis thickens and then forms a
scale or feather.  However, subsequent development of the two is
dissimilar, and the hypothesis is viewed with skepticism.  The only other
hypothesis that is justified at present is that, like hairs, they may be
new evolutionarey structures lacking a reptilian precursor."  (p. 110).  

The references from this chapter include one study from 1975 dealing with
the origin of feathers; it is:

Regal, P.J. (1975).  "The evolutionary origin of feathers."  _The
Quarterly Review of Biology_, 50:35.  

Jack Conrad