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Dinos and Evolution

>In a message dated 97-12-01 03:51:31 EST, sarima@ix.netcom.com writes:

><< May the peace of God be with you. >>

>Hey, I just read in the Dinosaur Mailing List Moderation Policies that
>Creationism has no place in this mailing list. I can respect that, but isn't
>the above statement creationistic?

I realize that this is not a directly dinosaur related topic, but it is one
that often comes up when teaching about dinosaurs and evolution.  This is a
discussion in which I have found myself embroiled many times during my
teaching career, so I feel compelled to respond:

A belief in God does not equal a belief in creationism; "May the peace of
God be with you" is NOT a creationistic statement.  There are as many kinds
of believers as there are species of dinosaurs, known and yet to be
discovered.  Believers range the full theological spectrum, from strict
literal interpreters of biblical texts to those who interpret the Bible as
purely allegorical, and many who fall somewhere in  between.  To pigeonhole
anyone who professes to be a believer in God as quid pro quo a creationist
is quite incorrect (and vice versa, to assume that an "evolutionist" or
"scientist" is quid pro quo an atheist is also quite incorrect).

Speaking for myself, as a devout believer of the species *Christianus
anglicanus* (lame biologian humor for Anglican, the same denomination to
which Charles Darwin belonged) with two degrees in biology from two
church-affiliated universities, I have no conflict in believing in a higher
power AND believing in the theories of evolution; they are in no way
mutually exclusive to my way of thinking.

To oversimplify a complex topic: not all believers are mindless, and not
all scientists are heartless.

Nils Halker