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Earth Sciences History

Hey y'all - just wanted to mention that there is a History of earth
Sciences Society (HESS) that publishes a journal - Earth Sciences
History - that includes lots of interesting articles on, surprise, the history
of geology and related fields. This generally includes lots of history of
paleo as well and sometimes dinosaur/tetrapod stuff. It is taylor-made for
those of us into this sort of thing and I have been remiss about joining
myself, which I am fixing this week. Membership costs ($30) for mailing
addresses inside the US and $35 outside and info can be had from
Dorothy Sack, HESS Treasurer, Dept. Geography, 122 Clippinger Labs,
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio USA 45701-2979. If you wish to start right
away, you can just send your personal info to her with a check - all the
standard stuff address, institutional affiliation, if any, phone numbers,
e-mail, etc.

Could be a potential outlet  for some of George's stuff, although I suspect
they would prefer stuff that isn't straight discussions of the history of
the taxonomy of a beast, unless there are interesting side-bars to go
along with it. There may be other closest historians of science out there
as well. I have a few projects that might end up there.

Well, just a short note on that

Ralph Chapman