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Paronychodon lacustris AND B. infernalis

A while ago, while I was revising my Hell Creek
Formation Flora and Fauna list for Montana,
Dan Varner mentioned a dinosaur species called
_Bugenasaura infernalis_ (Galton, 1995). This
was formerly condidered a species of
_Thescelosaurus_ (Morris, 1976).  I ordered
a photocopy of the paper through interlib. loan
(a German pub., but apparently it's in English),
but I can't wait.

So the following questions:

In _The Dinosauria_, two taxa of
_Thescelosaurus_ are mentioned for the Montana
part of the H.Cr.  One, _T. garbanii_, is presumably
still stable.  But another one _"Thescelosaurus sp._"
is also listed.  Is this now _Bugenasaura infernalis_?

Is this specimen from Montana or from the Dakotas?

Also listed in quite recent literature is a troodontid
called _Paronychodon lacustris_.  I need to know
if this is also from the Hell Creek Fm. of Montana.