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Re: Paronychodon lacustris AND B. infernalis

In a message dated 97-12-03 03:01:55 EST, bh162@scn.org writes:

<< In _The Dinosauria_, two taxa of
 _Thescelosaurus_ are mentioned for the Montana
 part of the H.Cr.  One, _T. garbanii_, is presumably
 still stable.  But another one _"Thescelosaurus sp._"
 is also listed.  Is this now _Bugenasaura infernalis_?
 Is this specimen from Montana or from the Dakotas?

>From the copious files of Tracy Ford:Genus: Bugenasaura GALTON, 1995
Etymology: bu, Latin, prefix, large; gena, Latin, Feminine, Cheek; saura
Greek, feminine form, lizard; an allusion to the massive ridges on the
maxilla and dentary for the attachment of a structure functionally analogous
to the cheeks of mammals.

Species: infernalis GALTON, 1995
Etymology: infernalis, Latin, belonging to the lower regions, an allusion to
the occurrence in the Hell Creek Formation.

Holotype: SDSM 7210

Locality: Olson Locality, SDSM number V729, Harding County, South Dakota.

Horizon: Hell Creek Formation, Maestrichtian, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Left half of cranium, left dentary and fragment of right dentary,
centra of 2 dorsal vertebrae, 2 dorsal vertebrae lacking transverse process
and neural spines and 2 manual phalanges.

Referred material:

= Thescelosaurus? garbanii MORRIS, 1976
Etymology: In honor of Mr. Harli Garbani, the discover of the specimen.

Holotype: LACM 33542

Locality: LACM V 3152, T21N, R42E, NE /2, NW /4, Sec. 22, Garfield County,

Horizon: Hell Creek Formation, Maestrichtian, Late Cretaceous.

Material: 5 posterior cervical and 11 anterior dorsal vertebrae, left pes,
tarsus, tibia, fibula, and distal part of femur.


Unfortunately, I don't have my copy of the paper handy, but as I recall
Galton only suggested that T. garbanii might be Bugenasaura infernalis and
didn't formally refer it to that species. If the referral were formalized,
this would result in a renaming of the species to Bugenasaura garbanii.
Someone might be able to check this...