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In a message dated 97-12-03 03:53:58 EST, Dinogeorge@AOL.COM writes:

<< Unfortunately, I don't have my copy of the paper handy, but as I recall
 Galton only suggested that T. garbanii might be Bugenasaura infernalis and
 didn't formally refer it to that species. If the referral were formalized,
 this would result in a renaming of the species to Bugenasaura garbanii.
 Someone might be able to check this...

Galton didn't synonymise the two for two reasons.  First, is that there is
substantial skeleton for Bu missing, and it is just plain improper to asign a
head to an animal only known from a leg.  Secondly, and most importantly,
Galton notes that Th garbanii could very well belong to Stygimoloch spinifer
which is also the right size and legless.

Peter Buchholz