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Re: Paronychodon lacustris AND B. infernalis

At 03:52 AM 12/3/97 -0500, Dinogeorge wrote:

>NESSOV, 1992
>Numbers: Not given.
>Locality: Dzhyrakuuk, Kizylkum Desert, Uzbekistan.
>Horizon: Bissekty Formation, Contancian, Late Cretaceous.

This is probably:

Euronychodon asiaticus Nessov 1995.

(previously Paronychodon cf. lacustris Nessov 1985b, Table III, 16; 1986,
Fig. 2, 3)

NIGR N 9/12454

In Nessov's 1995 Dinosaurs of Northern Eurasia, on p. 44.

>I kinda like the idea that some of the Paronychodon specimens, including the
>type tooth, might be the dentary fangs of homalocephalid pachycephalosaurs.
>Compare the dentary fang of Goyocephale, for example...

I kind of like that, actually...

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