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Re: Giant raptor claw found

akins@msu.oscs.montana.edu wrote:
> I like 'raptors and even the word 'raptor, but even I think it's being 
> overused in names,  well that's my 2 cents.
> Larry Akins

I was interested to know whether the use of the word "raptor" in
dinosaur names was a relatively recent thing or not, so I did a
bit of research. The earliest name I could find was Veldoraptor,
named in 1889 if I remember correctly. After more than a century
of tacking the term "raptor" onto the ends of dinosaur names
(the exceptions seem to be Indosuchus raptorius, where it forms the
species name, and Rapator, perhaps a variation) is it any doubt
that the abbreviation that we all know and love has come into being?
I say let us have our 'raptors. Why not let language evolve like
everything else?
        My 3 cents (that's in Australian currency, approx. 2 cents US)
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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