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Giant Raptor Claw Found

Fernando Novas estimates _Megaraptor namunhuaiquii_ (foot lance in the
Mapuche Indian language) to have been about 25 feet long and 14 feet high,
but has only some leg bones and a huge toe claw which is about 15 inches
long.  Megaraptor is 54% larger than Utahraptor and very like in shape, but
the tibia and foot bones including the articulated toe claw suggest a
different animal entirely. 

Novas is funded courtesy of The Dinosaurs of the Lost World exhibit to go
back in March for further excavation, and to continue work from India where
he's finding theropods very similar to those in Argentina.  He is going to
look at Scott Sampson's Madagascar finds now.

By the way, I was amused to find that Megaraptor was Ming’s vehicle in Flash